Team System 2010 Beta 1 “Microsoft Test And Lab Management” – Introduction

יולי 3, 2009

With the Team System 2010 Beta 1 the Manual Testers have received a great tool called “Microsoft Test And Lab Management”.

Every Microsoft tool has its code name and the “Microsoft Test And Lab Management is no different, the code name for this tool is “Camano”.

In this post I will give a brief overview of the tool, I will not show all the functionality of the tool in order to keep the post short and readable.

The tool is built of three main sections:

Sections Menu

1. Testing Center – In this section the user can see the Test Plans, Run the Test Plan, Analyze the Test Results and manage the bugs.


2. Lab Center – Here the user can manage the different environments, machines both Physical and Virtual and Test Settings that defines the way the tests will run on each environment.


3. Organize – Here the user can manage its Test Cases, Shared Steps (Steps that can be sheared between different Test Cases), Configurations (Defines the content of the test environment, example: Win XP SP3 with IE 8.0) and finally the Test Plans that will be used in the “Testing Center”.


So where to start?

You need to start in the “Organize’ section where you plan your Test Cases, Configurations and Test Plans, you can choose the order.

How do I do that?

How to do it will be on my next “Camano” post…

Have Fun!!!

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