What Is A Good Build Machine?

יוני 30, 2009

When I come to work with customers on builds first I ask where the build machine is. Most chances that I will get one of the following three answers: It is on my Team System server. It is on my computer. It is on one of the developers computer. All three situations are wrong when it comes to build machines. What is a good build machine and where to install it? My opinion is to put it on a “clean” computer that has no more then the minimum that is required for the compilation of the application and for running all the required...
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Error: TFS55030 When Running RenameDT Command

יוני 29, 2009

“ERROR: TF55030: Rename Data Tier failed.  Please verify that the supplied Data Tier name is a valid Team Foundation Data Tier name, that the Data Tier can be accessed on the network and that you have administrative rights.” Most chances that the problem is because you have shutdown your old TFS. In order to fix the problem just load your old TFS and rerun the command. In case that doesn’t help run the following command line: Set TfsDetailedErrors=1 Rerun the RenameDT command, now you will get more details on the error so you can troubleshot the problem. Have Fun!!!
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How To Create A Branch In Team System 2008

יוני 28, 2009

Before I start with the how to create a branch step by step guide, I like to remind that creating a branch should be done by a SCM (Software Configuration Management) plan and not when ever you “feel” like creating a branch. It is very important to manage your branches or else you will have a big pile of branches that no one knows there purpose. After saying that here is the step by step guide: The demonstration will be for a demo project called "Web Sites". Step 1: Right click the source folder that is candidate for Branch. Step 2: Choose the...
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Hello World!!!

יוני 25, 2009

Hi Everybody, It is a little weird for me to write an Hello World post because of the fact that I am writing posts to SRL Blog for a year now. Who will be interested in my blog posts? Well the audience for my blog is wide and varied, it will be useful for developers, testers, Team Leaders, project managers, QA Managers, Development Managers and more. In short everyone that deals with software development and testing. So far my posts have been read by thousands of people from all over the world, in my new blog I hope to keep you interested and to...
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