fix: SatisfyImports not working correctly in Prism over MEF

יום שישי, פברואר 4, 2011

I’m working on a Silverlight project under Prism/MEF, and that’s the first time I’m using MEF and not Unity in Prism. Resolving dependencies works a bit differently with MEF, and so when I tried to resolve IRegionManager in a ViewModel class my first instinct was to do the following: 1: 2: public IRegionManager regionManager; 3:  4: public ViewModelConstructor() 5: { ...
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Mef or Unity?

יום שלישי, ינואר 25, 2011

  MEF or Unity? Recently I started developing a new Silverlight LOB project which required the assistance of Prism (now that it reached v4 and actually works fairly ok with MVVM I’m using it more often). Prism now supports both Unity and MEF, and very actively refuses to take sides.. MEF and Unity are similar in many ways, and many people like to think of MEF as yet another IOC Container. Although this line of thought helps us to see the big-picture, it is a bit wrong; MEF is targeted mainly toward composition,...
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Adapting Silverlight Navigation to MVVM

  Adapting Silverlight Navigation to MVVM The Navigation feature in Silverlight is pretty awesome. It adds support for two very critical issues: 1. Real web-compliancy (Browser Address changes, which adds support for: SEO, Deep Linking, Browser Journal) 2. View-Switching navigation (switching views easily to solve the ever-lasting navigation problem) It’s important to notice that these two issues are actually completely different problems, which for some reason were bundled together! Many times you would want to switch views in different scenarios, but you might not want to change the Url, and even more often...

.Net User Group lecture–MVVM & Blendability

יום חמישי, נובמבר 18, 2010

Thanks for everyone that have participated in my MVVM lecture in the .Net User Group yesterday at Microsoft – I really had fun, and was a pleasure to meet so many smart & interesting people The code that I showed during the presentation, and the presentation itself can be downloaded from my SkyDrive. Thanks again for Jackie Goldstein and Microsoft for organizing the event – I’m looking forward for the next time!
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