Silverlight 5 MarkupExtensions –Localization just got a whole lot easier

יום רביעי, יוני 8, 2011

One of the features we’ve been most waiting for in Silverlight is the support for Markup Extensions, which WPF had since day one. In order to support localization, we can create a markup extension like so: 1: public class TranslationExtension : IMarkupExtension<string> 2: { 3: public string Key { get; set; } 4:  5: ...
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Color Shades using custom MarkupExtensions

יום ראשון, מרץ 28, 2010

Recently during a WPF course I was giving in the IAI (Hataasiya Haavirit) one of the students, with a background of over 10 years of programming was trying see how to ‘make things work’ in WPF. The thing she wanted was to be able to define easily a color to be used in different shades throughout the window / application. We all know how that goes – we want a specific blue for the title, a lighter version of that same blue to the buttons, and an even lighter version of yet the same blue to some other...
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