Win8 UI Revealed–And it’s no less than an earthquake

יום שישי, יוני 3, 2011

The implications of win8 native HTML are enormous. Here’s Why. If you haven’t seen it yet, Microsoft just announced a preview of Win8 (just codename for now) that shows a remarkably similar interface to that of Windows Phone. I for once really like the look and feel of it. It looks like they have indeed managed to create a UI that will be able to target all main platforms (that is, PC, Smart Phones and Tablets). The UI is heavily dependent on touch gestures, but is still very relevant for the standard...

Silverlight vs. HTML 5: Microsoft is not trying to lead but instead to play it safe.

יום רביעי, נובמבר 3, 2010

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week or two, I can’t imagine that you’ve missed the conundrum that Microsoft’s STB President Bob Muglia has created. All around the blogosphere bloggers have started to ponder whether Microsoft has abandoned Silverlight etc. Microsoft responded fast with a post from Bob Muglia on the Silverlight Blog Team, claiming that we didn’t really mean to create such a fuss; Silverlight is and will be the best technology for creating RIA applications over the web, and for Line of Business applications no one can argue that there is a...

Has Silverlight lost the war with HTML5?

יום שבת, אוקטובר 30, 2010

In many ways, we all knew it all along.. Silverlight was (sadly), not catching up as means to replace HTML development. Everyone that ever used ASP.Net, and were sick of using 17 different technologies to deliver one simple website, was hoping that Silverlight would win a good market penetration, and that the days of JS / HTML / ASP.Net would be finally over. So. Guess what. It’s officially not; What Mary Jo Foley says is quite disturbing. Microsoft has been paying far too much attention to HTML5 to make us Silverlight people feel...
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