Silverlight 5 MarkupExtensions –Localization just got a whole lot easier

8 ביוני 2011

One of the features we’ve been most waiting for in Silverlight is the support for Markup Extensions, which WPF had since day one. In order to support localization, we can create a markup extension like so: 1: public class TranslationExtension : IMarkupExtension<string> 2: { 3: public string Key { get; set; } 4:  5: ...
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Win8 UI Revealed–And it’s no less than an earthquake

3 ביוני 2011

The implications of win8 native HTML are enormous. Here’s Why. If you haven’t seen it yet, Microsoft just announced a preview of Win8 (just codename for now) that shows a remarkably similar interface to that of Windows Phone. I for once really like the look and feel of it. It looks like they have indeed managed to create a UI that will be able to target all main platforms (that is, PC, Smart Phones and Tablets). The UI is heavily dependent on touch gestures, but is still very relevant for the standard...