HTML5 for Silverlight Developers session : Mix 2011

12 באפריל 2011

I just attended Giorgio Sardo’s session about HTML5 for Silverlight Developers. The crowd consisted of plenty of sad Silverlight developers.. His main argument was that you can compare, feature by feature, the entire feature set of Silverlight and HTML5. I really liked the idea, since it is really helpful for SL people to feel more at home this way, but I do feel that his statement was somewhat an overstatement.. He demoed the following features: SVG compared to XAML. (including all of the shapes that we’re used to in SL. only in...
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Good Morning Mix2011!

Mix2011 just opened with a cool IE9/HTML5/IE10 Previews Keynote. The current hype is apparently HTML 5 native support on IE9, which means HTML5 will be able to manipulate the OS in the highest level. That means the timeless problem of Native Machine Support vs. Cross-platform should be solved under IE9/Win7. I really find it hard to believe, but let's hope :) One thing that really bothered me, being a Silverlight enthusiast myself , is the talk about not needing the help of any 'external plugging or hacks'. Yeah, you heard it right -...
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