Book Review: RESTful PHP Web Services

13 בינואר 2009

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Book Review: RESTful PHP Web Services

RESTful PHP Web Services by Samisa Abeysinghe.

The book is full of great information about REST with PHP, and assumes you have a working knowledge of PHP. It starts with introducing the principles behind REST, what is REST web services, why use it, and some REST tools and frameworks in PHP.

You will study on some real-world REST applications, designing and implementing a resource-oriented client and service in detail and much more.

The book is short (200 pages), and has some identications problems in code samples, but I have no problem with that.

The book contains a lots of examples in PHP, and I think more explanations on the sameples could help in some places. 


I would recommend this book for beginners PHP
developer as it is a good introduction to PHP web services using REST style. Also for experienced PHP programmers who interesting in REST.




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