How to Get a Job at Google

יום שלישי, מרץ 18, 2008

למצוא עבודה בגוגל Steve Yegge wrote a loooong post with tips for finding a job at Google.He gave all sort of tips, most of them self-explainatory (you should know about Hashtables, Algorithms etc). But there was one golden advice: Don't let the Interview Anti-Loop get you down. But what is the Interview Anti-Loop? Every single employee E at any company has at least one "Interview Anti-Loop": a set of other employees S who would not hire E. The solution is simple: "The bottom line is, if you go to an interview at any software company, you should plan for the contingency that you might get...
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Create the ultimate business card

יום שבת, נובמבר 17, 2007

During the David Platt's lecture I received a business card from him.The card's title is "Rolling Thunder computing" (his company), and his title is: "Supreme and Exalted, Dictator-for-life"I think that's the best job title I have ever seen on a business card, and even better - it makes people pause and remember him because it's unusual.Do you have special titles on your business cards?
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דרוש מפתח ASP.NET

קיבלתי את המייל הנ"ל: Hi,I came across your blog with Google. Perhaps you can help me out with a request I have.We are a startup with just 2 people at the moment but are slowly growing. The company is called Mobilgistix. We develop mobile/web applications based entirely on Microsoft technologies. The application we are currently building is very exciting. It is for healthcare and is designed to help millions of children around the world who are afflicted with autism. It will revolutionize the way children are treated. We have patents pending on the product.I personally am located in Germany and...
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חיפוש עבודה וחברות השמה

יום שלישי, אוקטובר 23, 2007

בפוסט האחרון שלו יוסי התלונן על איכות הקו"ח המגיעים מחברות השמה: אולי לא הצצת לאחרונה בתוצרים של חברות גיוס שחוטאות לתפקידן. במקום לעזור למחפשי העבודה לטייב את קורות החיים שלהם, הן משאירות את קורות החיים כמו שהן ומוסיפות "פיסקה סיכום". מתוך הפיסקה מבינים כמעט מייד שלמי שכתב אותה אין ולא כלום עם המקצוע של מבקש העבודה. כל מי שנותן את קורות חיים ל"קצבי" קורות החיים שיש שידע שבסופו של דבר סיכוייו לקבל משרה פוחתות באופן משמעותי עם קורות חיים "שחוטים". והוא גם מציין: 1 מכל 50 קורות חיים באמת עונה לפילטר שהצבנו לחברת כח האדם בעוד שיותר מ 70% ממי שפנו...
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Does a good programmer make an unhappy manager?

יום חמישי, יולי 12, 2007

I previously wrote about career paths for software developers, and most of the career choices require getting away from coding. It seems people like Rob Walling don't like the transition: The end result of promoting your best developers is at best a few unhappy months as they struggle with their unhappiness and desire to return to code. The worst case is they feel unbridled resentment as you
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Career paths for a software developer

יום ראשון, יולי 1, 2007

Suppose you have been a software developer for few years, you know your technology, you are good at what you do - but what's next? Looking for answers I found a great post, titled "Why a career in computer programming sucks". The author, John Bennett, Jr., lists reasons why it's a tough profession: Temporary nature of knowledge capital - The technology you know now will be worthless in a few
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