Webbrowser.Documentcompleted and the ReadyState property

30 במרץ 2008

I had previously tried using the WebBrowser class to retrieve a web page for analysis (using the DocumentText property).


The problem was determining the state of the page load (since a page requires several hits before completion on average).


Turns out I need to check on track backs to my post, as Anthony Stevens (you should read his "about" page) found a solution to my problem:

Once the page load is complete WebBrowser.ReadyState property will be set to Complete, and then you can take the loaded page and wreak havoc on it.

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  1. ScriptFanatic30 במרץ 2008 ב 23:40

    You can also check the WebBrowser.IsBusy Property (inside a while loop).
    It indicates whether the WebBrowser control is currently
    loading a new document.

    Shay Levy
    $cript Fanatic