Scala Performance Tips on Android

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our team has been developing an NLP library, used by Ginger Page, using Scala. Now, mostly, things have been really great. Scala allows us to go very fast, and allows us to develop the app’s NLP needs in a way that Java never could have. But, as all things in life, nothing good ever comes free. We’ve noticed that our app is suffering from many GC interruptions, hurting performance. I went to investigate, and this is my story. Benchmark on a mobile device Well, if you’re like us and developing a Scala library to be used with an existing app, it...
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Meet object-csv, a Strongly Typed CSV Helper for Scala

Friday, May 16, 2014

Yeah, I know this is a .NET blog, but recently my team at Ginger Software ventured into some Android coding. Now, we didn’t want to use Java, and preferred something with more functional capabilities. Scala was the natural choice. One thing we use a lot in our C# projects is CSV files. They are much easier to programmatically read/write than Excel files, and our analysts can still work with them as if they were Excel files. Sadly, Scala was missing a library to read/write CSV files to/from objects, which was something we sorely missed. Therefore, I set out to...