Beware of .NET 4.6 Workstation GC

Saturday, August 8, 2015

TL;DR: Changes in the .NET 4.6 Workstation GC has made it much slower for us. We had to make sure our tests are using the Server GC mode. VS 2015 came out and we happily upgraded. Everything worked great, except for one thing: our integration tests started to run slowly. Like 10 times slower. The thing is, the same code, when not running under the NUnit process, worked just fine. Something was afoot. After much investigation and profiling, we discovered the root cause: GC. Our integration tests run our entire system start-up process, which allocates a few gigs of...
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Selling ReSharper

Saturday, March 1, 2008

At my workplace we've bought ReSharper licenses for everyone. Still, some of the developers refuse to use it. They say it is too slow for them to use. It's true this software has serious performance issues. If I try to open three instances of visual studio with ReSharper on, my dual-core computer with 2GB of RAM will choke to death. I guess there's a reason it lets you display the amount of managed memory it's using in Visual Studio's status bar (that's rather like admiting in defeat, "we know our software is a memory hog, we've given up on...
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Restoring Shift+Tab in ReSharper

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Since we installed ReSharper, we've noticed that the Shift+Tab shortcut has stopped working, which was a great annoyance to my team (ReSharper still rules, you ungrateful bastards). After some googling, the following forum post provided the solution: Go to Visual Studio options -> Environment -> Keyboard. Choose the action Edit.DecreaseLineIndent. Change the scope to "Text Editor" (where it says "Global"), otherwise the following step won't work. Hit Shift+Tab. Assign. You're good to go. Hopefully JetBrains will get around to fixing this in the next version.

ReSharper + Orcas = Bad

Monday, April 9, 2007

A small warning: Do not install the pre-release of ReSharper 3.0 on Visual Studio Orcas. Although the installation works, ReSharper does not handle the C# 3.0 syntax correctly (it really doesn't like x => x+1 syntax), and the intellisense gets all screwed up. Trying to uninstall ReSharper 3.0 resulted in my VS Orcas having an empty "ReSharper" menu, and with the intellisense gone, which I had to fix manually (by scanning the options menu for about an hour for the right option). To add to the fun, my installed ReSharper 2.5, which is installed on VS2005, has lost its...
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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I am rather ashamed to admit that up until now I've never really tried to use Resharper, the very well known Visual Studio add-in. Today I decided to give Resharper 2.5 a try and was really blown away. Comparing Visual Studio 2005 without Resharper to Visual Studio 2005 with Resharper, is like comparing Turbo Pascal to, well, Visual Studio 2005. There's really no match here. It starts with the little things, like how it always adds a matching brace to any brace you use ({,[,(). It makes you think why the hell isn't this already built in in Visual...
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