Beware of .NET 4.6 Workstation GC

Saturday, August 8, 2015

TL;DR: Changes in the .NET 4.6 Workstation GC has made it much slower for us. We had to make sure our tests are using the Server GC mode. VS 2015 came out and we happily upgraded. Everything worked great, except for one thing: our integration tests started to run slowly. Like 10 times slower. The thing is, the same code, when not running under the NUnit process, worked just fine. Something was afoot. After much investigation and profiling, we discovered the root cause: GC. Our integration tests run our entire system start-up process, which allocates a few gigs of...
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Console.ReadKey .NET 4.5 changes may deadlock your system

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I’ve hit a weird issue today. We have a service that we run both as Windows service and from console. A specific use case seemed to cause our system to hang, but only when running from console. Also, I was sure this didn’t happen before I upgraded my machine to .NET 4.5. The service initialization code looks something like this: serviceHost.Open();   while (Console.ReadKey().Key != ConsoleKey.Q) { Console.WriteLine("Press Q to exit"); ...