Sets of Mutable Objects is a Bad Idea

October 27, 2011

I guess this is something that is obvious to many, but it really had me stumped yesterday. I was looking at code that was joining two HashSets, that both had the same item. Not the same reference, but they had the same hash code, and Equals between the items returned true. And yet, Set1.UnionWith(Set2) changed Set1 to have two items. That seemed insane. Isn’t it in the contract of HashSet to not contain the same item twice? How could it be? It took a while, but I figured out the issue. Let’s try to recreate a situation where a...

Inheritance is Truly Evil

October 25, 2011

Lately I’ve been refactoring some really old code, and it helped me realize that in about 90% of the cases, inheritance from a class (unlike interface implementation) is a Bad Thing. Of course, I’m hardly the first to think that, but it’s not until I had to refactor deep, and absolutely wrong, object graphs until I felt it in my bones. But why? Isn’t inheritance a legitimate way to reuse code? Well, no, for several reasons: It makes the code harder to understand. To understand the flow of your class, you...
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