Bye Bye, Web ADF

July 10, 2010

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Dave Bouwman noticed that ESRI has annouced that the Web ADF will be deprecated after ArcGIS 10. To me that’s not very surprising. I’ve blogged about my dislike to this framework more than once, and to me its death cannot come any sooner. I guess ESRI noticed that the simplicity of the REST API’s is winning the customers, and decided to back off the wretched thing. So is this good news? Ultimately, yes. The less people trying to make software with the ADF, the better.

But it is a mistake that ESRI should have noticed sooner. To think about the amount of changes the ArcGIS Server APIs went through since version 9.1 makes my head hurts. Upgraded from 9.1 to 9.2? Poof! The framework completely changed and WebADF with all new controls was born. 9.2 to 9.3? Poof! The Ajax framework got replaced and most of your Javascript code can go to the recycle bin. Wanted to change to the new and much better Javascript API? Better get on the dojo train and rewrite everything yet again.

If you were to try to take advantage of the greatest new features of each release, you probably had to rewrite your application every time. ESRI’s idea of backward compatability tends to be “let’s hope our customers won’t notice that we changed everything yet again”.

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one comment

  1. TridusOctober 29, 2010 ב 18:19

    Well, at least it’s dead. Work wanted me to look at the ADF. Thankfully when I came back and said “dear god no!” they listened. The REST stuff is just so much better that it makes perfect sense for ESRI to focus on it.