Wanted: A Usable Installer Technology

August 10, 2008

On Friday I was at the Israeli Alt.NET conference, which was great. One thing that kept coming up was the frustration of everyone with current Installers technologies. I am using Visual Studio Setup Project, which is rather usable, but has many disadvantages, with the main one being the lack of ability to build it outside of Visual Studio. I've also tried using WiX, but its XML "UI" and incredible learning curve left me a bit puzzled. The Alt.NET guys assured me that I wasn't the only one. They also bitched about Installshield and other technologies. At the...
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WPF Designer/Developer Paradigm – Does It Really Work?

August 5, 2008

All the WPF presentations I've seen made a big deal about how this technology allows you to separate the work of the designer and the developer. The designer can go about, designing away with the Expression tools, crafting a XAML file. Then the developer can add C# logic to the relevant CS file. When I actually tried to do something with WPF, it immediately seemed suspicious to me. XAML, apparently, is also code. Not only that, it is also tightly coupled to the accompanying "code-behind". There seem to be some things that you just can't do with XAML...