Using UpdatePanel to Disable GridView View State

May 23, 2008

View state. We usually hate it and love it at the same time. It's definitely a creature of comfort: having our controls automatically maintaining state is definitely a useful thing. But it can also be quite hazardous to your page performance - especially when used with a GridView that has many rows. This big-ass hidden field that gets generated is sure to make your users' round-trips quite a pain. And so the million dollar question is... How do I disable view state and stay alive? When you go ahead and mark that GridView of yours with EnableViewState="false"...

Ajax Page Methods Will Always Have Session

May 6, 2008

In my ongoing process of performance optimization, I noticed the use of an ASP.NET Ajax Page Method in a certain page. It looked something like this: public static bool HasDataBeenUpdated(DateTime lastUpdateTime) {    //Checks something in the cache against this date    //.... } Page methods are a way to Ajax-ly call a static method on the page, instead of creating a specific web-service for this. As you can see, this method was marked with . This property...
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