What’s Trace Got To Do With Culture?

March 29, 2008

I really don't know the answer to that question, but we've hit the strangest issue. The following code runs well when <trace enabled="true"> is set on web.config, but throws FormatException when it's set to false. DateTime.Parse(DateTime.Now.ToString()); We're thinking that somehow trace affects the system's culture, causing the code work. But it still doesn't make any sense to us. Looking in debug, it seems that DateTime.Now.ToString returns "DD" instead of the day, altought the current culture is "en-US". Can you make anything of it? Oh, and I should mention, this happens only on Windows 2000 Professional. When...
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WPF Video Flipping Utility

March 10, 2008

I've recently bought a digital camera, which can also make videos. Thing is, if you turn it 90 degrees when you film the video, the video is flipped 90 degrees when you play it. No surprise there, I guess, but still very annoying. Strangely, Windows Media Player doesn't seem to have any flipping capabilities, nor does any other (free) media player that I could find. You can actually permanently transform the video with Windows Movie Maker, but for some reason my videos turned out with crappy sound. And so I figured, 'Hey, let's write something in WPF. That...

Selling ReSharper

March 1, 2008

At my workplace we've bought ReSharper licenses for everyone. Still, some of the developers refuse to use it. They say it is too slow for them to use. It's true this software has serious performance issues. If I try to open three instances of visual studio with ReSharper on, my dual-core computer with 2GB of RAM will choke to death. I guess there's a reason it lets you display the amount of managed memory it's using in Visual Studio's status bar (that's rather like admiting in defeat, "we know our software is a memory hog, we've given up on...
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