Overcoming IE Bug with a Custom SessionIDManager

February 15, 2008

Internet Explorer 6 has the most annoying bug in the world. When you click a window.open link in a modal dialog (opened by a call to window.showModalDialog), you sometimes lose the cookie, as the window is opened in a different process. Since that cookie usually contains your current session-id, the immediate result is that ASP.NET creates a new session for you, which rarely results in a positive outcome. The workaround suggested in the above linked kb-article did not work, and in this specific situation I couldn't change the modal dialog into a standard window, or to the neat...

Interesting Behavior with the New Modifier and Interfaces

February 9, 2008

Consider the following code. What will be the result of calling Test.TestInterface()?     public interface IInterface     {         void DoSomething();     }       public class Father : IInterface     {           public void DoSomething()         {             Console.WriteLine("Father Called");         }       }       public class Son: Father     {         public new void DoSomething()         {             Console.WriteLine("Son Called");         }     }       public class Test     {         public void TestInterface()         {             IInterface tester = new Son();             tester.DoSomething();         }     } Note that Father is...
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Introducing ArcObjectFactory: Creating ArcObjects in a Type-Safe Manner

February 8, 2008

* The following is a great work by a friend of mine - Yoav Michaeli, assisted by Shani. Yoav wrote about it in his Hebrew blog, but never posted the code, so I asked for his permission to bring this to my blog. The following is Yoav's attempt to solve two problems: 1. Creating ArcObjects in ArcGIS Server. It is very annoying to create ArcObjects when writing ArcGIS Server Local code. i.e. IPoint point = myServerContext.CreateObject(“esriGeometry.Point”) as IPoint; This is not type-safe code, and does not lend itself well to refactoring. Also, many beginners with ArcObjects forget to use...
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Replacing the Web ADF – Your Help is Needed

February 1, 2008

Following my recent bitching about the ADF, James Fee quoted me on his blog. The explosion of comments to that post made me feel all warm inside. I realized I'm not the only one who is very disappointed with the ArcGIS Server ADF, but a lot of other people are sharing the same feelings (also, this is definitely the most impact a blog post of mine has ever had). Anyway, Dave Bouwman decided to do something about this, and he is forming a sort of Alt-ESRI movement, whose first mission should be to replace the Web ADF. I couldn't...