ArcGIS ADF – Biting the Dust

January 30, 2008


Dave Bouwman writes about how ArcGIS 9.2 ADF does not support curves. We’ve actually bumped into this issue a long time ago, resorting into converting the curves to a series of points (as Dave suggests).

This is but another huge issue with the ADF. As I’ve said before, this is one horrific development platform. I’ve started to seriously think about coding a replacement that will work against ArcObjects (at least something that will satisfy my team’s needs), but it would take a lot of time which we currently do not posses. One day, though, one day.

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  1. Dave BouwmanJanuary 30, 2008 ב 22:03


    If you do roll your own AGS front end, submit it to the ArcGIS Server Code Challenge (, and I’m sure you’ll win!



  2. MikeFebruary 13, 2008 ב 23:57

    I like the idea of developing a better ADF, but I wonder how much time that would take vs trying to work around the problems.

  3. JimBenFebruary 26, 2008 ב 3:49

    Don’t waste your time writing a new ADF. The problem is that you’re using an ESRI product.

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