Restoring Shift+Tab in ReSharper

November 25, 2007

Since we installed ReSharper, we've noticed that the Shift+Tab shortcut has stopped working, which was a great annoyance to my team (ReSharper still rules, you ungrateful bastards). After some googling, the following forum post provided the solution: Go to Visual Studio options -> Environment -> Keyboard. Choose the action Edit.DecreaseLineIndent. Change the scope to "Text Editor" (where it says "Global"), otherwise the following step won't work. Hit Shift+Tab. Assign. You're good to go. Hopefully JetBrains will get around to fixing this in the next version.

C# 3.0 New Feature of the Week #3: Anonymous Types

November 23, 2007

This week's C# 3.0 New Features article will discuss a neat feature called anonymous types. You'll use it like this: var me = new {Name = "Doron", Age = 24 }; The result is an anonymous type created behind the scenes, with two properties: Name and Age. We assign it to a local variable with the "var" keyword, since we can't really mention the type (because of all the anonymity). To know more about the var keyword, read my first article about C# 3.0. Since it is a full blown type, and not some kind of dictionary, you will have...
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A Geographic Nightmare

November 21, 2007

Oren Eini talks about nightmare platforms, and so I got the urge to talk about my issues with the GIS platform we are using - ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.2. First, let me state that this is a very powerful (and expansive) product. In fact, there is practically no other product that offers the features and capabilities you get with GIS Server. You can do practically anything geographic/mapping related with it.  The product was built in a way so that by default, almost anyone can create maps and publish them in a web application or a web service. ArcGIS Server is great if all...

C# 3.0 New Feature for the Week #2: Object and Collection Initializers

November 16, 2007

Last week I started my series of posts about new C# 3.0 features, and my second post will be about object and collection initializers. I will also include a bonus - an easy way of having a collection initializer in C# 2.0. Object Initializers Say we have declared the following class (with the automatic properties syntax we learned about last week): public class Person { public string FirstName {get; set;} public string LastName {get; set; } } We...
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C# 3.0 New Feature for the Week #1: Automatic Properties

November 10, 2007

I've decided that I really need to get in the program and start learning C# 3.0 and Linq seriously. I've been planning to this for a long time, and even started playing with it a little, but never dug in really deep. So my new "C# 3.0 New Feature for the Week" series of posts is about getting myself to commit to studying and blogging about it. Every week I will present one new feature and talk about what is it good for and how it is implemented. So here we go. The first feature we'll talk about is automatic...
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