ASP.NET MVC Framework? Don’t Mind If I Do

October 20, 2007

I'm spending the weekend at work (don't ask), so I had some time to read some articles and view some webcasts I left behind. I finally got to watching the entire lecture Scott Guthrie gave at the ALT.NET conference about the ASP.NET framework. You can check out the video here, and read about in Scott's blog, here. My initial impression of this was: Wow. This is so awesome. Finally ASP.NET is becoming a testable, maintainable platform. As I've mentioned, my team has recently entered TDD. The only thing that is incredibly hard to test in our architecture are...

Implementing TDD: Advice from the Battlefield

October 1, 2007

Changes are hard. I recently mentioned that. But changes are also necessary. I will now share with you some advice I have about the subject of implementing a change - starting to use unit-tests and TDD at your workplace. You should have some experience with unit-tests yourself before moving your entire team to TDD. Is the architecture your team using even testable? Can you understand the usage of a mocking framework? If you don't come with the knowledge to the team, you're in a world of hurt. Remember, this is a difficult change which can't be rushed. You should...
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