What I am doing to become a better developer

July 20, 2007

Oren has tagged me to answer the question in the headline. I guess the simple answer would be "Code a lot", since I really feel that's the only way one can become a significantly better developer. The more complex answer consists with subjects I don't know (or don't have much experience with) that I would like to learn. It wasn't easy coming up with this list, mainly because there I so many things I would like to learn, and I had to focus myself on the subjects that I feel that I will actually get to in the next 6...
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Failure is a Friend

July 8, 2007

I'm a forgetful person. I almost never leave a room without coming back to it to take something I left behind. I tend to forget birthdays and other important events. And so I worked up little mechanisms to help me remember stuff, such as writing everything down, and setting reminders in my cell for phone-calls I need to remember to make. One issue I always had, was going back to a certain piece of code I'm writing, a day or two later. I waste at least 10 minutes trying to remember what exactly I was doing and thinking when I had last stopped. At...
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