The 5 Most Difficult Issues in Software Development

June 29, 2007

Recently I had an argument with a friend about what I felt were the most technically-difficult problems in developing software. These are issues that have troubled developers since the early days of programming, and are inherently difficult. I feel that it is unlikely that they'll be completely "solved" by any new technology.   5. Spatial data. I might be biased about this, because I work with GIS systems, but there's something about data that has a geographic location that makes it 10-times more complicated to work with. It starts with the coordinates themselves (how do you represent them? where do you store them?)...
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Using Script# to learn ASP.NET Ajax

June 16, 2007

One of the really great things about the ASP.NET Ajax Extensions library is its client-side capabilities. It allows you to write OOP-Style code with namespaces, classes, inheritance and the works. Still, learning to use it can be a bit annoying. You don't get the intellisense or documentation support as you would with C#, and all in all the Visual Studio javascript editor is nothing to tell the kids about. Therefore, what I would have liked is to be able to write some code in C#, and see how it gets translated to javascript. Nikhil Kothari's Script# does exactly...
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TFS Nightmare

June 9, 2007

I've mentioned before that we're using Team Foundation Server as our source control repository and integration server. We have encountered many bugs in the tool, and have quite a few complaints (like how it's so very slowingly slow), but it was still a definite improvement over what we had before (VSS 6 for source control and nothing for integration). A few days ago an issue had risen that required us to reinstall TFS. Currently we're our own TFS admins in the company, so it is our responsibility to do this procedure. And there was hell to pay. Anyone who...
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Custom WPF Commands – Use Right or Get Thrown Out

June 2, 2007

I've been learning WPF for a while now (using WPF Unleashed - a great book by Adam Nathan), and it's really awesome. I'm guessing that soon enough there will be little reason to develop new smart-client applications using WinForms. WPF's API is really well-thought of and easy to work with, and it also makes for such pretty results. One thing I had an annoying issue with was WPF's commands. Commands are actions in your window (or any other element) that accomplish something and are not specifically related to any button or menu click event. For example, suppose you...

IE? Really?

June 1, 2007

I've just encountered this amusing note on Gamer's Hell, a known gaming site:Note to Internet Explorer 6 users: your browser is unable to download files over 2 gigabytes. If you wish to download large files you must switch to a better browser. We suggest Firefox or Opera.I loved the use of the word better, and the fact that they didn't even mention IE7. And to think that not so long ago IE6 was the standard 95% of the Internet users used.
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