Wish it Away

April 13, 2007

I am currently reading Steve McConnell's great Rapid Development book, in which the author marks "wishful thinking" as one of the greatest mistakes one can make in software development. McConnell managed to express in two words the root of most problems in this field, and probably the main cause of most of my own mistakes. You know how it is. Sometimes you wish yourself to succeed. "Sure I can make it in a week". "So what if we have two weeks to complete a two months work. It will work out". That's you wishing it away. I consider myself a rational person, and...
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ReSharper + Orcas = Bad

April 9, 2007

A small warning: Do not install the pre-release of ReSharper 3.0 on Visual Studio Orcas. Although the installation works, ReSharper does not handle the C# 3.0 syntax correctly (it really doesn't like x => x+1 syntax), and the intellisense gets all screwed up. Trying to uninstall ReSharper 3.0 resulted in my VS Orcas having an empty "ReSharper" menu, and with the intellisense gone, which I had to fix manually (by scanning the options menu for about an hour for the right option). To add to the fun, my installed ReSharper 2.5, which is installed on VS2005, has lost its...
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Study List

April 6, 2007

You know that feeling that you have too much to learn and too little time? Well, I'm currently attempting to learn the following things: Unit Testing and TDD (using NUnit and RhinoMocks mocking) Castle Stuff ActiveRecord (and through it, a little bit of NHibernate) MonoRail (MVC framework for ASP.NET) Windsor (IoC container) Boo (python-like language for .NET) C# 3.0 and LINQ SQL Server (but just a bit) Working with Resharper (especially template authoring) I am now trying to a simple web project in which I will incorporate all of this, and it is turning up to be...
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DLL Hell v2.0

April 3, 2007

I'll be the first to admit that I was never a COM programmer, so I had never experienced COM's original DLL hell. From what I hear, it was really gruesome. No standard in DLL versioning, programs overwriting each other's DLLs, and generally the kind of chaos in which stuff don't work and you have no idea what's wrong. .NET's assemblies, with their standardized naming and versioning, have definitely made our lives easier. Once we have a DLL, we know exactly what version it, and what version of other DLLs it's using. But I feel, that even in .NET, it...
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