SCCM2012 Tools : Site Context Menu Tools


The third and last right click toolkit”, which I have converted, is the SCCM 2007 site toolkit.


Light bulb For more details about the site tools check the following post SCCM2007 Site Right Click Tools

like it’s colleagues, collection and client tools,   Site Tools can be reached from the ribbon or from the context menu:

Light bulb The tools menu can be reached from the following path ‘Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites’

       image           image

The trace32 tool was replaced by CMTrace.exe.

I added some more site server logs from the very long list of available logs


The inboxes file count tool inspects all inboxes folders and displays file count for each. 

  • The root folders are painted in bolded blue.
  • Some of the folders have detailed description, which is shown at the bottom of the window
  • Click the refresh button to rescan the inboxes folders
  • You can open any folder in the list by double clicking its row.  


Download SCCM Site Tool setup file from HERE

Light bulbIt is highly recommended to test first in a test environment, before deploying in production

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one comment

  1. Sebastian07/06/2013 ב 06:08

    I have both Console Versions installed (SCCM 2007 & SCCM 2012) and the XML-Extensions are copied to the wrong directory:

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\AdminUI\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions” (this is SCCM 2007 console)

    instead of

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions” (this is SCCM 2012 console)

    To correct this, I just copied the folder “a7e0a875-3429-430a-aadf-1300610d09c4” to the 2012 console folder.