SCCM : Copy and Paste, context menu add-on V1.5



Since I first published the post about the Copy & Paste tool, I received many nice comments, thank you all for your kind words. Nevertheless, your feedbacks made me realize that my tool requires some changes. 


The new version includes the following :

  • Set-ExecutionPolicy  You do not need to change your PowerShell ‘Execution Policy’, in order to run the tool

  • Hidden Console – The “CMD” console is hidden from the user. During the copy operation the cursor  will change to screenshot.15 ,so you’ll know when to start the paste operation


  • Changeable Menu – During setup you can change the menu title, so it won’t interfere  with existing tools (which has the same menu name)



  • Fix some Spelling errors

  • Copy was removed from Packages folder, at this location you can use only paste (you can not copy all the programs at once)


You can copy program by choosing a program from the program list, later you can paste it at the same location or from the package folder as shown above.


You can download the add-on from HERE

For more information visit the Previous Version Page

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  1. Max03/10/2011 ב 18:49

    Thank you! This will save me a LOT of time.

  2. Shane Krummen30/03/2012 ב 16:37

    This looks like it could save me hours.


  3. Leif Lindgren25/10/2012 ב 14:14

    Have a question. This tool only works for traditional SCCM Packages. Does someone know about a similar tool for Copy Paste a virtual SCCM Package?

  4. Sebastian06/06/2013 ב 11:29

    Hi Dolav,
    does the Copy & Paste tool also work with SCCM 2012?
    Anyway many thanks for the tool, I used it a lot with SCCM 2007 last year.
    Best Regards

  5. Joar Guttormsen (@joar79)16/07/2014 ב 13:26

    Awesome tool! Thank you so much Dolav!