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Occasionally I need to ping a group of computers to make sure they are alive, in fact pinging is the first operation for many remote tasks : cleaning Active Directory, running scripts, discovery operations, WMI queries, installing applications and more.

I wrote a small tool based on PowerShell and windows forms, which can ping a list of computers and display the results in different columns.



Creating a computer list

  • You can add computer names manually, by writing a computer name and pressing the + button.
    • You can use all the known keys (ENTER, DEL, CTRL+A, SHIFT+Arrows, …)
    • image Clears the list



  • Creating a list with notepad :
    • Click “Open List” (at the bottom of the computer list window)
    • Type/paste your computer names


    • Save the document
    • Click “Computer list” (right under “Load…”) and your list will appear on screen



  • Import Computer List from Active Directory
    • Press on Active Directory TAB


    • Optional : select OU from the list to limit your AD Search (The default is /, the root of your domain).
      • Optional : Click the “Load OU List” to get the OUs list from your Active Directory
      • The default list contains Root Domain and Computers container
    • You can use the OS filter to limit the Search to a specific OS (*vista* = all vista computers)
      • use the plus/minus buttons to Add/Remove new OS filters (the filter will be saved for later use)
    • Use the ‘limit Rows’ to limit the number of searched records (Computers)
    • Press the ADD button to add the AD computers to your list.


Start Pinging

Just Press the image button. Use the “CANCEL” button to stop the ping process.

PING Results

After pressing the “Ping Them” button you should be presented with the “Ping Result” TAB


The ping result is divided into 4 categories

  • isAlive – Displays a list of live computers (Computers that reply to the ping request)
  • NoPing – Displays a list of non reachable computers (Computers that did not reply to the ping request)
  • NoDns – Displays a list of computers which do not have DNS record (Host Names that did not replay to ping request)
  • Other – Displays a list of computers that did not reply to the ping request for any other reason.

נורת חשמל You can double click on any category to see the list content in notepad



Select the “Action Log” TAB for more detailed log.

The log is saved on the local disk and you can reload it by pressing the “Logs” button (under “Load…”)




Move your mouse over any of the objects on screen the status bar will display a brief explanation .




  1. PowerShell Version 2
  2. Free PowerShell Commands for Active Directory



New Version

Free-Tool : Ping-Them 1.5

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