SCCM 2012 Beta 2 changes overview Part 5 – Inventory


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In the past I extended my SCCM 2007 hardware inventory, following Microsoft’s procedure, which was not very intuitive and required manual edit of the ‘SMS_def.mof’ text file. Adding new hardware classes to my inventory was more complex because I needed to find the right WMI class, edit another text file (Configuration.mof) and check my file structure with ‘mofcomp.exe’ command.

SCCM 2012 offers a much easier way to do this via the user interface:

Enabling Device Properties

  • Select your current client settings (or create a new one) and click on properties



  • Click on ‘Set Classes’ under the hardware inventory section



  • Check the properties that you like (i.e: collect information about your Time Zone Settings)



  • The results are shown in the resource explorer and in SCCM reports


נורת חשמל You need to click the close button several times in order to close the properties window, its a new feature. חיוך קורץ


Adding new device/class to hardware inventory

  • In the hardware inventory class window click the add button
  • Next click the ‘Connect’ button
  • In the Connection page
    • Check the ‘Recursive’ option to get all the available WMI classes
    • Fill in the server name and the credentials, if needed 
    • Press on the ‘Connect’ button to get the classes list



  • Select the desired class and click ‘Edit’



  • Give your new device/class a friendly name (instead of the default class name)
    • You can also set the unit size



  • Now you can select the properties you want to add (as you did in the previous section).



  • You can see the result in the resource explorer:



  • To verify the presented data you can run the following PowerShell command:

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_PhysicalMemory –ComputerName ServerName | Format-Table BankLabel,DeviceLocator,Speed,@{Name=”Capacity(MB)”;Expression={$_.Capacity/1mb}} –AutoSize


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