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I like SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) and in my opinion it is a great management tool, but it’s developers, apparently, forgot the small things that makes it better. One of the missing feathers is the copy & paste menu option (“Elementary my dear Watson”). When I first installed SCCM 2007, I was very excited to find the copy option, but till today I couldn’t find his little sister, “paste”, I suspect that they decided to release her in the next version.

Please help “Copy” find his little sister “Paste” in the following picture: סמיילי


There is a saying “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.”, so I tried to write something of my own. Microsoft delivers a good SDK pack for SCCM, which helped me reach my goal.

My tool adds Copy and Paste options to the context menu of Collections (Queries), Packages, Programs and Advertisements.

Collections (Collection Queries)

Select the source collection (from the right or left pane) and choose “Copy Collection Query”


Select target collection (from the right or left pane) and choose “Paste Collection Query”


Choose a name for the new query


If you press cancel the specific query will not be copied (It will proceed to the next query)

The result:

נורת חשמל You first need to refresh the collection branch


At the end of the process you will be asked whether or not you want to delete the cashed settings




Select the source package and choose “Copy Package”

נורת חשמל Works only from the right pane



To paste the new package select any package on the right pane, and choose “Paste Package” from the Popup menu

Choose a name for the new package

Choose whether or not you want to delete the cached settings

נורת חשמל Don’t forget to refresh the collection branch:


נורת חשמל Distribution Points,Access Accounts,Programs won’t be copied



Select the source package and choose “Copy Program

נורת חשמל Works only from the right pane


To paste the new program to the same package, right click the source program (on the right pane), and choose “Paste Program” from the menu

To paste the new program to another package, right click the target “Programs” (on the left pane), and choose “Paste Program” from the menu

Choose a name for the new program

Choose whether or not you want to delete the cached settings

נורת חשמל Don’t forget to refresh the Programs’ branch:




Select the source package and choose “Copy Advertisement”

נורת חשמל Works only from the right pane


To paste the new advertisement select any advertisement on the right pane, and choose “Paste Advertisement” from the menu

Choose a name for the new Advertisement

Choose whether or not you want to delete the cached settings

נורת חשמל If the source advertisement contains custom scheduler it won’t be copied, instead the new advertisement will contain the following fixed date as shown below  (Of course, after pasting, you can change it to any desired date):


The purpose of this behavior is to avoid automatic deployment after pasting the new advertisement.

נורת חשמל For this reason try to avoid copying advertisements which contains “AS Soon AS Possible”

The target mandatory assignments will have two assignments:




During the setup you can choose which extension to install:


You can download the setup from HERE

Version 1.5

SCCM : Copy and Paste, context menu add-on V1.5

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  1. Gilad Broun07/05/2011 ב 14:48


  2. EvolutionXtinct10/05/2011 ב 00:29


    I’ve been having to create multiple advertisements for multiple collections all redundant and x50 apps, you have saved me loss of hair and greyness. THANK YOU.

    I just wish MS would see these needs and resolve them sooner rather then later.

  3. bigMIKE10/05/2011 ב 18:56

    App installed and when I “Copy” or “Paste” I briefly see DOS box and then nothing – what are the dependencies on COpy and Paste??

    I’m running SCCM 2007 R3, Windows 2003

  4. Dolav10/05/2011 ב 23:09

    Hello Mike

    The setup program should check for prerequisites, PowerShell Version 2 and SCCM Console, so I suppose you have installed them already. The dos window you show was actually the PowerShell console window.  Please check your PowerShell execution policy; I guess that’s the reason why the tool doesn’t work.

    To query PowerShell execution policy settings type the following command at the PowerShell console:


    To be able to run the tool, you should set the policy as follows:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

    More about execution policy:…/2007.09.powershell.aspx…/ee176961.aspx



  5. Russell17/05/2011 ב 16:02

    I am running this on XP and also on Windows 7 SP1 with Powershell 2.0 installed, I have installed copy and paste and still I get just the black dos window appear and disappear with no dialogs. I have set the security in powershell as you instructed but this has made no difference. Also the SCCM options are not available for anything other than Collections. There are no Right click SCCM options for Adverts / Packages or Programs. Helllppppp

  6. fabio17/05/2011 ב 17:18

    I have more or less the same issue: the “SCCM Tools” menu appears for all the involved objects, but then running copy-paste, I get nothing.

    I have installed Powershell 2.0 (it wasn’t) and also set the Execution Policy as you indicated (it wasn’t, too!). But nothing!

  7. Keene18/05/2011 ב 20:46

    I’m getting same results as Russell.

    Win7 Ent 64-bit SP1
    SCCM Console 4.00.6487.2000

    Set the Powershell execution policy for both 32- and 64-bit versions.

    Right-click options are all there, but Powershell windows open and close without result.

    New setup file you posted for Russell doesn’t leave the Powershell window open for me. As it flashes by, though, it looks like there’s something about a “path” problem.

    My installation path in registry is:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\AdminUI

    Is something hard-coded to look for something in a 32-bit OS-only path?

  8. doli19/05/2011 ב 13:57

    Hi Keene

    Thank you for the feedback.

    I suspect it is a problem with wrong path.  

    On a 64Bit OS, SCCM Console behaves differently.  If the console is installed in the default location (not on drive D for instance) the working directory and file location changes.  This behavior caused my tool to fail.

    I’m trying to find the best solution for this new challenge.

    Download the setup file and please let me know if it works for you

    Send me a message through the “CONTACT” (at the menu on the top of the page), and i will get back to you

  9. Keene27/05/2011 ב 22:26

    Yes, that new version did the trick for me.

    Thanks! 🙂

  10. Luke Petterson06/06/2011 ב 13:24

    This is gold thanks so much

  11. Oz22/06/2011 ב 00:35

    I got this installed and it worked once. Since then it will not show anything as pasted for a program. I have uninstalled (did not work) and reinstalled with no success. Is there a problem with 2 people using at once? This is the only difference between my lab server (which works) and my production. I have also removed the restriction in PS….please let me know…this is a huge time saver.

  12. Oz28/06/2011 ב 18:41

    I found out what is causing this to work sometimes and not others. It has to do with the windows installer tab in the program properties. If you have imported a product code the program will not copy. Clearing the import will allow for the copy and paste feature to work. I then re-enable for the original. Hope this is useful for someone….

  13. Wilk29/06/2011 ב 02:12

    Love the tool! Should’ve been included in the first place. I’ve had it install for a week and I can estimate that it’s already saved my team 4 hours of work. AWESOME TOOL!

    I had a few minor issues with the install. It removed other .xml files that I had setup for right-click add-ons for collections and advertisements.

    There is a spelling error in “Delete the settins?”. I fixed this in the PowerShell file.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add the Copy/Paste in the Software Update – Deployment Management tasks. We do a lot of similar SU Deployment tasks that have mostly have different deployment schedules.

    Again…great work!

  14. Jimmy19/07/2011 ב 05:01

    Yep v1.1 worked on Windows 2008 R2

  15. Adam22/08/2011 ב 22:58

    Didn’t work for me. I installed 1.1 on Windows 7 and I get the “Please Enter New Program Name” dialog and the “Delete copied settins ?” dialog, but I never get a new program.

  16. doli25/08/2011 ב 09:41

    Hi Adam

    Did you get a popup menu asking you to give a name to the your copy?

    Did you refresh the packages branch?

  17. doli01/07/2012 ב 17:18

    Hi Steed
    Please click on the “Subscribe via email” button or use the following link:

  18. Anil03/06/2013 ב 01:53

    installed copy paste context menu, after that i see advertisement status missing in Right Click Context menu, how to get back this.

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