Back from the Dead – Profiling the Profiler – Part I

Friday, September 1, 2017

More than a year has passed, many blog post ideas are now a distant memory, but I finally made myself sit down and write something I've been working on lately (well, like 3 months ago, but who counts anyway?). I work at Riverbed on an APM (application performance monitoring) software. We concentrate on UX, meaning we don't just measure the CPU time or memory consumption or other resources; instead, we let our customers define their line-of-business activities (such as entering a bank account, or getting insurance data, or even sending an e-mail from a Web interface) and we provide metrics...

Windows Tracing and Performance Analysis @ OpsTalk

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yesterday I did a lightning talk at the OpsTalk Meetup. It was fun. I never did a lightning talk before and to be quite frank, I was surprised that you could actually fit interesting and useful material in 5-10 minutes! I admit, I was off by one minute, but in my defense, I was running a Windows VM inside a Windows remote connection from a Max over two VPNs… Anyway, most of the audience at this Meetup is usually Linux people, and I was the Windows representative yesterday. No rotten tomatoes were thrown so I consider this a success. I...
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