Working with columns in GridView with DataSource

11 באוקטובר 2010

Working with columns in GridView with DataSource While working in ASP.NET you sometimes fill GridView by giving it a datasource. When doing so it will display the data automatically (in case the ToString() of the source with actually display the data). The thing is that sometimes you do not want to display all the data that came in the source. The thing is, when you try to access the GridView.Columns property it will be empty, while the GridView.Rows is full with data… So, why? The Situation As I guess, when you throw data...
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Default button on ASP.NET page

6 באוקטובר 2010

Default button on ASP.NET page If you have page with a form and a single button on it, by default this button will fire it’s onclick event whenever you press 'Enter'. this behavior changes when you have more than one button on the page. <form id="form1" runat="server"> //This button will fire then you press ‘enter’ <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="submit"/> ...
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Working with binded DataGridView

10 ביולי 2010

When you bind a DataGridView to a binding source the data doesn’t always fill the control immediately after the assignment. For example, when you wish to add let’s say a DataGridViewButtonColumn to the DataGridView right after the assignment and then set every buttons name for something specific depending on another condition, the DataGridView.Rows.Count will be 0 until you actually see the control on-screen. Because of his it is best to make all those action after the BindingComplete event of the DataGridView is fired. Then you can be a 100% sure that all the data is already...
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wsDualHttpBinding in Winforms

3 ביולי 2010

wsDualHttpBinding in Winforms For the last moths we were working on a project that involves a winform application to administrate tickets purchase. One of the explicit requirements of the project was to implement a WCF service between the BLL (business logic layer) the client side. We also implemented a duplex WCF endpoint to allow the server to send on-line updates to clients connected about every change in tickets after each successful order. Everything was running smoothly until we decided to test the duplex call from the client, and then we got into problem. For...
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About Me

11 במרץ 2010

Hello, my name is Danny. I live in Israel and right now (March 2010) about to end my MCPD studies at sela college. A couple of weeks ago I've been inspired by Shlomo Goldberg to create a Microsoft blog. Though it's pretty easy these days to find all the information you need about every little problem you have while programming I still decided to post mine (and of course their solutions) to provide another source of information for them. I do realize that my solutions could be wrong, and thus, I will be happy to read your comments on my...
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