Clean Code or Working Code?

21 בדצמבר 2010

I was working on a legacy project with a friend and I sorely bemoaned the messiness of the code. Later, the friend sent me this link and warmly recommended I keep the balance in life. If you cant be bother to read the article, the short of it is that we developers should have more respect for legacy code that works. I acknowledge the underlying truth presented in the article, but I don’t think it gives the whole picture. Just because you can make catastrophic mistakes while disrespectfully accusing code of being a mess, that...
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Visual Studio 2010 and Eclipse

12 בדצמבר 2010

From time to time I do some work in C++ for Linux using Eclipse. Many developers say that Eclipse is the state of the art IDE for C++ development on Linux. From my experience, I can say that Eclipse simply pales in comparison with Visual Studio 2010 when it comes to an integrated, streamlined development experience out of the box. Rather than compare the pros and cons of both IDEs I would like to share with you a VS 2010 experience that I enjoy that is often taken for granted by Windows developers and should leave Eclipse...
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MVVM : Injecting INotifyPropertyChanged Into an Existing Class

10 בדצמבר 2010

Download the source code for this post here. Using MVVM in Silverlight and WPF I often encounter the following problem. I have a business class that needs to be exposed through the ViewModel. For this, it needs to implement INotifyPropertyChanged or expose Dependency properties. I take the side of those who prefer to keep WPF dependencies out of the ViewModel, so I usually take the path of writing a proxy that delegates properties to the business object and implementing INotifyPropertyChanged. I am not comfortable with this duplication, and I usually pay a price for it when I refactor the business class, but I...
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