John Bryce Lab Zone at Developer Academy 4

22 במרץ 2010

Today, John Bryce hosted a very successful Lab Zone at Developer Academy 4. This year's zone was larger than ever before with 40 computers installed with 11 labs on the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies! Over 1600 people attended the conference, and many of them came to the Lab Zone to get invaluable hands on experience with Windows Azure, SharePoint 2010, Windows 7, WCF 4, WPF 4 and Silverlight 4. For further study, I recommend you take a look at John Bryce's site for a list of courses that cover these and...
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Windows 7 and WPF 4 at Developer Academy 4

Today at Developer Academy I gave a demonstration session called Capture the Windows 7 User Experience with Windows Presentation Foundation 4. In the demo I showed how to integrate the following Windows 7 taskbar features into Windows applications using WPF 4: Specifying the area of the application visible in the Thumbnail Preview Controlling the Progress Bar overlay in the Task Bar Adding Taskbar Buttons to an application on the Task Bar Adding Icon Overlays Adding Jump List items to the context menu...
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