26 בפברואר 2009

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I am currently working on a UI project for a customer. The natural choice was WPF – but I’ll get back to that later.

I encountered some interesting problems and starting to prepare some posts with the solutions I found. They not quite ready yet so I delayed posting them for a few more days.

And then … then … I found Mole 4.2 – and I was flabbergasted!

This you have just got to see.

Mole is an extremely powerful Visual Studio visualizer. Visualizers allow you to drill down into objects (and sometimes edit them) during debugging using a visual interface suited to the object type.

I am currently using this amazing tool to view the Visual Tree of my WPF application and I can see there is much more to this tool than that.

So, my first post on WPF is just going to be a tribute to Karl Shifflett and his awesome work on WPF.

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