Parallel Extensions and Matrix Multiplication

29 בינואר 2009

Introduction In this post I would like to take a look at the For method of the Parallel class. To try this out for yourselves you need to be running .Net 3.5 or later and to have installed the Parallel Extensions. You can download the June 2008 CTP of Parallel Extensions from here. The API Reference Help (the “documentation”) that comes with the installation provides an excellent overview of the technology. As described in the Overview section of the documentation, there are 3 major components in the Parallel Extensions. ...
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Got My MCPD !

27 בינואר 2009

Today I completed exam 70-549 and earned my MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer. It’s really not too difficult and I think its worth while taking the time to get certified. I recommend you take a look at this post for more information on how. My next step on the program is to upgrade my certifications to .Net 3.5. (I need to take two upgrade exams for that). Meanwhile, I have been taking a close look at Parallel Extensions which will be part of .Net 4.0. In my next post I will be sharing some of my findings...
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