MCTS and MCPD Certifications Made Simple

10 בדצמבר 2008

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Hi again,

Recently I have been making progress towards my MCPD certification (one more exam to go :).

Like me, you may have been a little overwhelmed, at first, by the large number of exams and the detailed information on Microsoft’s MCP site. But I assure you, its really quite simple.

I have prepared the attached document to describe the exams, the certifications, and the relations between them. The document is in Hebrew, but the conclusions are posted below in English.

John Bryce Training is offering a dedicated preparation program to speed you on your way toward these prestigious certifications. I recommend you take a look and register!

I can make no commitment as to the correctness of this information, but I hope it will help you plan you exam taking. Your source for correct and updated information should always be Microsoft’s MCP site.


Here are my recommendations for which exams you should take and in which order. I believe they get you the most important certifications for the least number of exams.

If you have already embarked on the .Net 2.0 MCPD program, I recommend you complete these 7 exams:


This way you will earn all the MCTS certifications for .Net 2.0, the broadest of the three MCPD certifications for .Net 2.0, the four most important (of the six) MCTS certifications for .Net 3.5 and the broadest MCPD certification for .Net 3.5.

If you are just starting out and would like to go directly to the .Net 3.5 certifications, I recommend you take the following 6 exams:


This will you will earn the four most important (of the six) MCTS certifications for .Net 3.5 and the broadest MCPD certification for .Net 3.5.

Good luck on those exams!

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10 תגובות

  1. nir28 בינואר 2009 ב 18:12

    Where is the attached document?

  2. Richel18 במרץ 2009 ב 20:35

    Good news for MCTS students, you can download complete MCSE bundle pack from

    MCTS : .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications Certification
    Bundle Pack Exams Included:
    70–536 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0–Application Development Foundation
    70–528 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Web-Based Client Development

    529 TS: Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 – Distributed Application Development
    528 TS: Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 – Web-based Client Development
    431 TS: Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 – Implementation and Maintenance
    536 TS: Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation
    526 TS: Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 – Windows®-based Client Development

    all Microsoft exams training at

  3. yuvaank18 באפריל 2009 ב 12:57

    hi i have completed my bachelor degree in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY i want to take micro soft certification donno totally confused regarding the exam to take.tell me how should i start

  4. David Sackstein18 באפריל 2009 ב 20:16

    Hi yuvaank,
    The best place to start is with exam 70-536.
    I recommend the following book for preparation.

  5. hannanloveus28 באוקטובר 2009 ב 10:18

    I recommend the following post for us to prepare 70-536
    Best advice for your preparation for 70-536

  6. Allen Ryan31 באוקטובר 2009 ב 16:37

    I recommend uCertify's 70-536 Prepkit to pass the exam.

  7. Fima3 במאי 2010 ב 16:28

    If someone can sell me 2hand books 70-536/505 for .NET 3.5 (MCPD certification), please send me some msg to

  8. Al19 במאי 2010 ב 21:12


    I am new to .Net. The choice to take the 2.0 track vs 3.5 track is based on what? Someone told me that I MUST take 2.0 track first then do the upgrade to 3.5 .This way, I would learn more than going directly to 3.5 …. !!! Is that true.
    please advise

  9. satheesh7 בפברואר 2012 ב 20:36

    I am looking to start with .net 4.0 certifications.please advise on which exams to start with

  10. Timothy27 במרץ 2012 ב 22:18

    And how does that mean? I do not understand anything.