SCVMM 2012 Beta Announced–some major improvements are expected

יום חמישי, מרץ 24, 2011

With this release you will be able to do: Fabric Management Hyper-V and Cluster Lifecycle Management – Deploy Hyper-V to bare metal server, create Hyper-V clusters, orchestrate patching of a Hyper-V Cluster Third Party Virtualization Platforms - Add and Manage Citrix XenServer and VMware ESX Hosts and Clusters Network Management – Manage IP Address Pools, MAC Address Pools and Load Balancers ...
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Dario @ Tech-Ed Israel 2010

יום ראשון, נובמבר 21, 2010

שלום לכולם, רציתי לעדכן שהשנה התבקשתי להעביר בטקאד את ההרצאות הבאות: 1. Opalis IT Process Automation - Introduction & Technical Overview (יום שני ב-11:30) – מעבר על מוצר ה-Run Book Automation החדש שרכשה מיקרוסופט לפני שנה ונכלל היום בחבילת System Center. בהרצאה אני אראה איך אפשר להשתמש ב-Opalis כ-"מוח הניהול" המרכזי ולהגדיר בו Workflows שיאפשרו לדוגמא למשתמש קצה למלא Change Request בפורטל ה-Helpdesk שבעקבותיו ירוץ תהליך אוטומטי מורכב של יצירת סביבה וירטואלית שלמה (כולל הגדרות ב-SAN, בשרתים לא מיקרוסופטיים דוגמת FW וכו'). עוד מידע על Opalis אפשר למצוא גם בבלוג של דריו. 2. Opalis Hands On...

What's New in VMM 2008 R2 Release Candidate

יום חמישי, יוני 11, 2009

  System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM) is a comprehensive management solution for the virtualized data center, enabling increased physical server utilization, centralized management of virtual machine infrastructure, and rapid provisioning of new virtual machines by the administrator, delegated administrator, and authorized end users. VMM 2008 can manage hosts that are running Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, Virtual Server 2005 R2, and VMware ESX through VirtualCenter Server. Recently, Windows Server 2008 released an R2 version that included significant feature improvements to Hyper-V. VMM 2008 R2 leverages these new platform enhancements and extends the feature set of...
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VMM 2008 R2 Beta is out

יום חמישי, מרץ 19, 2009

You can now download VMM 2008 R2 Beta from I’ve already tested it with Live Migration and it work great! (we had a demonstration for it at a Municipality Convention in Jerusalem recently) so take the time to play with it a little. What's New in VMM 2008 R2 Beta System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM) is a comprehensive management solution for managing virtualized infrastructure running on Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, Virtual Server 2005 R2 and VMware ESX through Virtual Center.  Recently, Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta was released which included significant feature...
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Virtual Machine Manager Configuration Analyzer 2008 (VMMCA)

יום שלישי, דצמבר 9, 2008

Microsoft has just announced the availability of Virtual Machine Manager Configuration Analyzer 2008 (VMMCA). Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Configuration Analyzer (VMMCA) is a diagnostic tool that you can use to evaluate important configuration settings for computers that either are serving or might serve Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) roles or other VMM functions. To download VMMCA 2008 -
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Microsoft’s Virtualization Launch – Key Takeaways

יום שלישי, ספטמבר 16, 2008

I had the opportunity today (16.9.08) to participate in Microsoft’s getVIRTUALnow event, and to present the session "Physical and Virtual Server Management" I presented my take on data center management, which involves automating management tasks in response to system\application states. It was impressive to see the number of vendors that were present in the event. Microsoft seem to be quick in building the required ecosystem of partners that will push it's Virtualization offerings greatly in my opinion. The main point in my presentation was that when looking at the data center (or IT environment) as a whole, tools like Systems...

Get Virtual Now with Hyper-V Technology

יום שני, ספטמבר 15, 2008

Come & visit our booth at the "Get Virtual Now" conference at Avenue Airport City. Amit Gatenyo will deliver a lecture about the advantages of Hyper-V for you organizationwith emphasis on management. At our booth you can see the Hyper-V technology in action via our presentations, and learn more about how Dario IT Solutions can assist your organization's IT needs. Hyper-V Capabilities Demo   
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My Presentation on Physical and Virtual Server Management

Management of Virtual Machines is not just about managing the VM's themselves but also the workloads that run in them. The key to managing the entire IT infrastructure is the integration of both physical and virtual machine management into a single set of tools. I'll be giving a presentation on the subject tomorrow (16/9/08) at the Microsoft getVIRTUALnow convention that will be held in Airport City, Israel. In this session I will give an overview & demo of real-world costumer implementation who uses OpsManager 2007 to locate service disruption and then utilize Hyper-V in order to dynamically create...
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Easily configuring highly available VM's with VMM 2008

יום ראשון, אוגוסט 31, 2008

SCVMM 2008 provides a seamless experience for creating and managing HA VMs. Here are some of the highlights: SCVMM 2008 is Windows 2008 Cluster "aware". When you add a host that belongs to a windows cluster, it will automatically bring in the rest of the nodes in the cluster. Many SCVMM cmdlets have cluster specific parameters or switch, so that you can define how SCVMM should take actions according to the HA attribute of the target VM/host. When the HA VM moves, VMM keep track of the VM's and their hosting physical cluster node. SCVMM 2008 supports...
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Step-by-step instructions for configuring VMM 2008 integration with Operations Manager 2007

יום שני, אוגוסט 25, 2008

In my previous post, I've described the VMM 2008 PRO feature. The following steps discuss the best way to get through the configuration and ensure a successful configuration.  First I want to be clear on two assumptions that are made by the following instructions: These instructions will not work with VMM beta, they are written assuming that you are using a post beta build of VMM 2008 These instructions assume that you have already installed OpsMgr 2007 sp1. In order to try and keep these instructions clear, let's call the root management server opsmgr-01 1. Install...
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