Windows Server 2008 SP2 has been released and is supported for Exchange 2007

יום חמישי, יולי 9, 2009

Exchange 2007 is supported on Windows 2008 SP2. This will be also true for the upcoming Exchange 2007 SP2, when it releases. Hardware ecosystem support and enhancements SP2 adds support for the 64-bit central processing unit (CPU) from VIA Technologies, which adds the ID and vendor strings for the new VIA 64-bit CPU. SP2 integrates the Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless, which contains support for Bluetooth v2.1 and Windows Connect Now (WCN) Wi-Fi Configuration. Bluetooth v2.1 is the most recent specification for Bluetooth wireless technology. SP2 improves performance for Wi-Fi connections after resuming from...

Delete IE7 Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, Browsing History, Form Data and Passwords From the Command Line.

יום שלישי, פברואר 17, 2009

If you like to build batch files to automate cleanup on your computer, you'll probably want to include at least one of these commands in your batch script. You can automate any one of the functions on the Internet Explorer 7 Delete Browsing History dialog. Here's the dialog that you are probably used to seeing: And here's the commands that correspond to the different buttons. The most important one from a cleanup perspective is the first, which will delete just the temporary internet files that are cluttering up your computer. Read more about...
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Presentations from the System Center Round Table for Enterprise Clients

יום שישי, דצמבר 19, 2008

As promised, I’ve uploaded the presentations from the sessions I gave on December 18th at Microsoft Israel. Enjoy.   Physical And Virtual Server Management Deploying Windows With Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Data Protection Manager 2007 Dynamic Server Provisioning With Ops Manager And Hyper V – Notes From The Field

Managing servers with Windows Vista

יום חמישי, נובמבר 20, 2008

Are you using a Vista machine and miss having the ability to manage your servers from you local machine ? A few months ago Microsoft released the Vista version of the adminpak tools under the name RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools). The RSAT software can be installed only on Business, Enterprise & Ultimate versions of Vista and requires SP1. Here are the links for the RSAT downloads: 32 Bit – URL 64 Bit - URL
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I'm A PC!

יום רביעי, ספטמבר 24, 2008

Well it looks like Microsoft decide to fight back at Apple's Mac VS PC Ads with an really nice interactive campaign. In this campaign called "I'm A PC" , Microsoft is saying: "PC is not a stereotype! and If you’re a PC, you belong to a community of more than a billion individuals, working, playing, and connecting. Doing their own thing. If you’re a PC, we want to celebrate you. So stand up. Show your face and we’ll show the world what a PC really looks like. PC is not a stereotype! And neither are you. " check...
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OS Deployment with Configuration Manager 2007 Presentation

יום ראשון, ספטמבר 21, 2008

I'll be presenting a session tomorrow about OS Deployment with Configuration Manager 2007 at a Microsoft Solution Briefing conference. OS Deployment can be a major time consumer in an IT shop, I will demonstrate that when done right, it can be achieved using minimal effort and in much less time then expected. For more information, check out my presentation:
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Recovering deleted files in Windows Vista with ShadowExplorer

יום שבת, ספטמבר 6, 2008

Have you ever wanted to recover deleted files, only to discover you don't have a backup ? With Windows Vista, you don't have to worry :) All of the Vista version support an automatic backup mechanism named VSS (Volume Shadow copy Service). The VSS creates an automatic backup of files and folders within the OS volume (default setting in Vista), but you can define the VSS to protect any volume. Windows Vista Business / Ultimate offer a simply GUI based process which enables users to retrieve a backup version of a file/folder by selecting the relevant file/folder's  "properties" and...
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