Infrastructure & Management User Group–31/1/2012

יום שלישי, פברואר 7, 2012

Hi guys, Thank you all for attending the meeting last week, it was great seeing a lot of familiar faces. Attached below are the two presentations from the event, first one the overview I gave on System Center 2012 (and we will delve more deeply into each product in the next UG meetings) second presentation is the one Daniel Petri gave about migrating from AD 2003 to AD 2008 R2. Next meeting is scheduled for March 18th and will be on two of the most requested topics from our poll: Hyper-V Tips...
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System Center 2012 Technical Overviews

יום שני, דצמבר 19, 2011

Check out the following presentations from a recent open house we held: System Center 2012 Technical Overview View more presentations from Amit Gatenyo   System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Overview View more presentations from Amit Gatenyo     System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 Overview View more presentations from Amit Gatenyo     System Center Operations Manager 2012 Overview View more presentations from Amit Gatenyo ...

Two Events for September

יום ראשון, ספטמבר 11, 2011

Hi, We are sponsoring two events this September. First one is on the 18th, I will be lecturing @ Microsoft Infra Days 2011 on a seminar called “The Future of Microsoft Infrastructure Platform – The Complete Roadmap”, below is the invitation (follow the link for more details):   The other event we sponsor is Microsoft main event for Middle-Market clients, an event titled “Be what’s next” that will be held on the 19th. I will be presenting the session on “Building & Managing Services with Microsoft Private Cloud”:  ...

Moving WSUS Server Updates Folder

יום שני, יולי 6, 2009

If you’re using Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), there may come a day when you need to move the updates to another drive. Once WSUS has been installed, the WSUS Administration tool doesn’t let you do this, but you can do it using a command line tool called wsusutil found in C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools. I’m running version 3.0 SP1. The command is:wsusutil movecontent logfile.log x:\WSUS (where x: is the new destination) If you have already copied the content (make sure you’ve set the correct permissions), you can run: wsusutil movecontent logfile.log f:\WSUS -skipcopy ...

The full and complete list of SCCM Log Files

יום חמישי, יולי 2, 2009

SCCM uses a lot of log files, it could be quite confusing finding what you need. I gathered a list of all the log files and a description of their content to make life easy. The client logs are located in the %WINDIR%\System32\CCM\Logs folder or %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\CCM\Logs (for x64 OS).The SCCM server log files are located in the <INSTALL_PATH>\Logs or SMS_CCM\Logs folder. IIS logs can be found in %WINDIR%\System32\logfiles\W3SVC1 folder. NOTE: Use the Trace tool included in the SCCM Toolkit or MS Log Parser to easily view log files.   Client Log Files CAS - Content Access...
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It’s bound to happen: How to handle alert storms

יום חמישי, ינואר 15, 2009

No matter how careful you are. No matter how many times you’ve checked your parameters and state conditions. No matter how many times you tested it out of production. It happens. Some misconfigured rule - or even an event that happens much differently in a production environment then in test - begins firing off alerts.  Maybe you don’t notice it right away - perhaps you haven’t setup notifications for this particular rule... Continue reading at our new blog -
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Cool registry keys for OpsMgr 2007

A little warning first.. When dealing with the registry you should always work smart-> Backup you registry and write down the changes you make. Lets get to business... If you tried running an agent task on more than 10 computers at once you've probably got this error message: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: target To get around this somewhat weird limitation you can use the following registry key to control the number of objects to fetch Tasks/Reports... Continue reading at our new blog -
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SCCM Client Center

A very cool tool I came across with is the SCCM Client Center. As it's name applies it is used for SMS/SCCM client management, it has many functions and a very cool GUI... Continue reading at our new blog -
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Creating Custom Reports By Using Configuration Manager 2007 SQL Views

Microsoft has released a new document to help you create custom reports. You can download it here. Overview Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 queries SQL Server views in the Configuration Manager site database when retrieving the information displayed in reports. The Configuration Manager site SQL database contains a large collection of information about the network, computers, users, user groups, and many other components of the computing environment. The database also contains objects that represent Configuration Manager 2007 items such as advertisements, software update deployments, configuration baselines, reports, and status messages. Configuration Manager administrators need to understand the different...
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ConfigMgr 2007: Status Message 2407 in SMS_SQL_MONITOR after upgrade from SMS 2003

Issue: After upgrading from SMS 2003 SP2 or SP3 to the Select version of Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, you may see the following status message: SMS_SQL_MONITOR_SiteServer - 2407    SMS SQL Monitor failed to install trigger "SQLTaskStatus_upd" in the SMS site database.    Possible cause: Either table "SQLTaskStatus" or column "TaskName,TaskType" of table "SQLTaskStatus" does not exist in the SMS site database.  Solution: If you modified table "SQLTaskStatus", restore it to its original, unmodified state.    Possible cause: SQL Server problem.  Solution... Continue reading at our new blog -
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