Tools for Virtualization and System Center

יום שבת, דצמבר 13, 2008

Check out these direct download links to a bunch of highly usable tools that can make your life easier: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides Microsoft Deployment 2008 Toolkit Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool Sharepoint Monitoring Toolkit Service Level Dashboard Management Pack Security Compliance Management Toolkit
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Does a datacenter really needs a roof?

יום שלישי, דצמבר 9, 2008

Take a look at this picture: Is there any chance it looks like a datacenter to you? :) Well, believe it or not, but it is. it’s actually the 4th generation of Microsoft datacenter design. A couple of very interesting posts has been published by the design team, I highly recommend you check them out: Our Vision for Generation 4 Modular Data Centers - One way of Getting it just right . . . Microsoft's Generation 4 Data Center Vision - the Architects' Perspective
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Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.2 RTM Version Now Available!

יום רביעי, נובמבר 5, 2008

MAP is a scalable and agent-less assessment platform designed to make it easier for you to adopt the latest Microsoft technologies. In this version, MAP has expanded its assessment capabilities to include SQL Server 2008, Forefront/NAP, and Microsoft Online Services migration, as well as providing a Power Savings assessment to help you "go green." In summary, MAP 3.2 assessment areas now include: SQL Server 2008 Migration Proposals and Reports (NEW!) Forefront/NAP Readiness Proposals (NEW!) Microsoft Online Services Migration Surveys, Proposals, and Reports...

App-v 4.5 Solution Accelerator is now Available!

יום רביעי, ספטמבר 17, 2008

Following Microsoft announcement of App-v 4.5 RTM (known previously as "Soft Grid") from the beginning of September, Microsoft just publish the Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) for this version. Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) is a series of planning and design guides created to clarify and streamline the planning and design process for Microsoft infrastructure technologies. The App-v 4.5 RTM will be include as part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2008 R2 that will be available in the next couple of weeks (for more information about MDOP 2008 R2 read our post). You can find...
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Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008 Update 1

יום שבת, ספטמבר 6, 2008

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008 Update 1 unifies the tools and processes required for desktop and server deployment into a common deployment console and collection of guidance. The fourth generation deployment accelerator adds integration with recently released Microsoft deployment technologies to create a single path for image creation and automated installation. MDT’s tools and end-to-end guidance reduce deployment time, standardize desktop and server images, limit service disruptions, reduce post-deployment help desk costs, and improve security and ongoing configuration management. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit technologies eliminate interaction time required to install desktop and server operating systems. Interaction at the targeted...
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Using the Service Level Dashboard

יום ראשון, אוגוסט 17, 2008

The Service Level Dashboard integrates with Operations Manager to collect and process performance and availability data, as shown in the following figure:   The Service Level Dashboard uses a distributed application model to compile health information for application components into a service report The Service Level Dashboard is designed to work with an existing Operations Manager infrastructure that is already configured to monitor business-critical applications. Configuring the Service Level Dashboard involves adding the following components to gather and process additional data: SLA definitions. The IT service manager identifies and defines the SLA agreement...
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Security Compliance Management Toolkit

יום חמישי, אוגוסט 14, 2008

Monitor the security compliance state of your IT environment for computers running Windows. To help organizations address these challenges, Microsoft has created the Security Compliance Management toolkit. The toolkit provides best practices from Microsoft about how to plan, deploy, and monitor a security baseline. In addition, the toolkit provides remediation recommendations to address security baseline issues. The toolkit also offers a proven method that your organization can use to effectively monitor the compliance state of recommended security baselines for Windows Vista®, Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), and Windows Server® 2003 SP2. The Security Compliance Management toolkit includes the...
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New & Interesting Solution Accelerators

יום ראשון, יולי 27, 2008

Automate software updates for Virtual Machines with the Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool This new Solution Accelerator helps you keep offline virtual machines that are stored in Microsoft System Virtual Machine Manager with the latest operating system updates. Learn more about the Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool   Monitor business application performance with the Service Level Dashboard The Service Level Dashboard for System Center Operations Manager 2007 monitors line-of business application performance from the end-user's perspective by simulating user interaction. It then collects performance data and reports on the experience -- all in near real...
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