My presentation on Windows 2008 R2 High Availability

יום שני, נובמבר 9, 2009

I know its a bit late, but here is the presentation I gave on November 3rd at the Microsoft convention – Let’s Talk Business-Tech that was held at Tel Aviv. During the presentation, my co-presenter Ronen Gabay and myself talked about the new features of Failover Clustering in Windows 2008 R2. We talked about Geo-Clusters, PowerShell 2.0 extensive support, Cluster Shared Volumes and mainly about how simple it is to create and manage complex   Continue reading this post on our new blog - My presentation on Windows 2008 R2 High Availability  ...

VMM 2008 R2 Beta is out

יום חמישי, מרץ 19, 2009

You can now download VMM 2008 R2 Beta from I’ve already tested it with Live Migration and it work great! (we had a demonstration for it at a Municipality Convention in Jerusalem recently) so take the time to play with it a little. What's New in VMM 2008 R2 Beta System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM) is a comprehensive management solution for managing virtualized infrastructure running on Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, Virtual Server 2005 R2 and VMware ESX through Virtual Center.  Recently, Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta was released which included significant feature...
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DFS Improvements in Windows 2008 R2

יום שלישי, ינואר 20, 2009

Windows 2008 R2 will feature some major DFS improvements, following is an explanation of them: 1. Support for Windows Failover Clusters In Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Failover clusters can be configured to be part of a replication group. Windows Failover clustering technology enables administrators to configure services and applications to be highly available. Busy hub servers located in the datacenter that replicate with many branch office servers are perfect candidates for clustered DFS Replication. These servers are critical to the replication infrastructure and administrators expect high availability from these servers. A failure (hardware/software) on...
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Hyper-V Clustering Guidance

יום שני, ינואר 12, 2009

Microsoft’s Virtualization UA team has put together some great Hyper-V clustering guidance on TechNet.  Content includes: Design for a Failover Cluster in Which… Continue reading at our new blog -
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Presentations from the System Center Round Table for Enterprise Clients

As promised, I’ve uploaded the presentations from the sessions I gave on December 18th at Microsoft Israel. Enjoy.   Physical And Virtual Server Management Deploying Windows With Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Data Protection Manager 2007 Dynamic Server Provisioning With Ops Manager And Hyper V – Notes From The Field

Trend Micro OfficeScan on Server 2008 Cluster

יום שני, דצמבר 15, 2008

Issue:Trend Micro OfficeScan Version 8.0 SP1 on a server 2008 Failover Cluster may cause the cluster service to fail while moving a resource group. Cause:Current TDI Driver of the OfficeScan causes a loss of connectivity between the cluster nodes, and may cause the cluster service on one of the nodes to fail. The current version of  office scan doesn't support Windows Server 2008 Clusters yet. It should be supported in the next version. Workaround:Until the newer version of OfficeScan, a workaround is available for this issue.Follow these instruction : Open Device ManagerSelect View > Show Hidden DevicesExpand Non-Plug and play devicesSelect Trend Micro...
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Windows 2008 R2 NLB & Failover Clustering

יום חמישי, דצמבר 11, 2008

Check out this nice list of new clustering features just around the corner: New Failover Clustering features in R2: Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) – A distributed access file system optimized for Hyper-V allowing virtual machines and their disk resources to reside be on any cluster node Live Migration – Move virtual machines between different physical machines while keeping them running and maintaining client connections PowerShell Support – The scripting language of the future which will gradually replace cluster.exe DFS-Replication support – Make the primary member...
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Microsoft’s Virtualization Launch – Key Takeaways

יום שלישי, ספטמבר 16, 2008

I had the opportunity today (16.9.08) to participate in Microsoft’s getVIRTUALnow event, and to present the session "Physical and Virtual Server Management" I presented my take on data center management, which involves automating management tasks in response to system\application states. It was impressive to see the number of vendors that were present in the event. Microsoft seem to be quick in building the required ecosystem of partners that will push it's Virtualization offerings greatly in my opinion. The main point in my presentation was that when looking at the data center (or IT environment) as a whole, tools like Systems...

Geo-Clustering with Windows 2008 – Notes from the Field

יום שני, ספטמבר 1, 2008

One of the best new features in 2008 clusters is the ability to have cluster nodes on different subnets. This is done by introducing a new OR dependency option for resources. In 2008 clusters, you have two options when making a resource depend on more than one resource: AND - Both the resource in this line and one or more previously listed resources must be online before the dependent resource is brought online. OR - Either the resource listed in this line or another previously listed resource must be online before the dependent resource is...
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