Tech-Ed Israel 2010–Jalasoft implementation @ Egged

4 בדצמבר 2010

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This Tech-Ed We had the pleasure of hosting Chen Amram, Open Systems Department Manager @ Egged who talked about the successful Jalasoft implementation Dario did.


Egged has a large-scale SCOM implementation, monitoring hundreds of server, switches, routers & databases (SQL & Oracle) etc. and they use their monitoring and management solutions in a way that enable them to control a very large environment with few IT people.

But more importantly, it’s nice to see how they are willing to share their experiences with other clients (who frequently visit Egged datacenter). nice people Smile


Chen Amram talking on stage about how adding Jalasoft to Egged’s SCOM environment boosted up their ability to pinpoint the exact cause of a problem:



Egged Network Operations Center (NOC) screens:



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