Trend Micro OfficeScan on Server 2008 Cluster

15 בדצמבר 2008

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Trend Micro OfficeScan Version 8.0 SP1 on a server 2008 Failover Cluster may cause the cluster service to fail while moving a resource group. 

Current TDI Driver of the OfficeScan causes a loss of connectivity between the cluster nodes, and may cause the cluster service on one of the nodes to fail. The current version of  office scan doesn't support Windows Server 2008 Clusters yet. It should be supported in the next version. 

Until the newer version of OfficeScan, a workaround is available for this issue.
Follow these instruction : 

Open Device Manager
Select View > Show Hidden Devices
Expand Non-Plug and play devices
Select Trend Micro TDI Driver  > Properties
Go to Driver tab
Under Current Status press the stop button
Under Startup change the type to Disabled (Uninstalling the driver didn't work, because it was installed automatically at the next boot.) 

Repeat these steps on both nodes and restart them.

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