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2 באוקטובר 2008

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Main Downloads page (catalog, documentation)

Operations Manager Product Team Blog:

System Center Content Search (Vista gadget)

System Center Operations Manager Blog Search:

Event Flow Diagram

DWDATARP.exe (For setting Data Retention policies in the Warehouse)

End-To-End Task test:

Targeting Best Practices Poster:

Best practices to use when you configure overrides in System Center Operations Manager 2007

Authoring Guide:

Effective configuration Viewer:

Override Explorer:

Group membership:

Management Group Configuration tool:

Maintenance mode Scripts:

How Microsoft Does IT (includes MOM 2005 and Ops Mgr documents):


Certificates for Windows 2008 and Ops Mgr:

Adding Custom Information to alerts and Notifications:

Last contact time Style reports:

Converting an MP to XMl (unseal it)

Powershell basics:

Powershell script examples:

Effective Config Viewer:

Developing MPs

Enable Proxying on Agents UI

What Thresholds Monitors Have

Boris Yanushpolsky's blog

Bulk Enable / Disable of rules or monitors (Override Creator):

New KB Articles / Hotfixes Summary:

Update Custom Fields

Design Reports in SCOM:

DB IOPS Performance

DW Backup and Grooming:,295582,sid68_gci1316214,00.html

Creating tasks:

Planning and designing the infrastructure:

Operations Manager Training Videos:

Publishing Reports to Sharepoint:

Operations Manager Reporting Guide:

Configuring notifications for a specific alert:

System Center Capacity Planner:

Operations Manager Authoring Console:

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