Check table type from search result sharepoint 2013 (javascript)

30 באפריל 2015

After sharepoint client cores javascript  called search.svc/processrequest for realise your query you can intercept and check all tables result and them types example // if search result > one row, if(typeof(ctx.ClientControl.get_currentResultTableCollection)!=='undefined') { var tables=ctx.ClientControl.get_currentResultTableCollection().ResultTables; if(tables.length>0&&tables.TableTtype==Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client.Search.Query.KnowTableTypes.relevantResults) { // this is all result per current pagging that found } else if(tables.length>1&&tables.TableTtype==Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client.Search.Query.KnowTableTypes.refinementResults ) { // the second table is refinement result by search result of all result and not of current pagging result } }

Detect postback from ajax before …. very simple code

  You can  intercept the postback client->server before to go to  the server  with very simple code, and know if this postback , or not, with ajax (javascript) function CheckIsPostBack() { var isPostback=false; var ajaxCtx=Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getIinstance(); // _postBackSettings contains more properties, example: targetId etc... if(ajaxCtx!=null&&ajaxCtx._postBackSettings!=null) { isPostback=true; } return isPostback; } //How to use : var isPostBack=CheckIsPostBack(); if( isPostBack ) { alert("this is current postback"); }  


24 ביוני 2014

Hello, After long debugging and after i found the final problem on one on projects in my work i must to share my work for you if you try to get SPListItemCollection by SPQuery and you receive this error SPQueryThrottledException Maybe you must to configure in central administration  : Manage Web application -> select you web application ->General settings->Resource Throttting->and set the paramettre that you want
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sharepoint No item exists at … It may have been deleted or renamed by another user

5 במאי 2014

Hello allif you try to get SPListItem with  SPList.GetItemById(you id) function Microsoft in you managed code, well the auto item occupied in more code on auto assembly in some runtimeand you receive this error No item exists at ... It may have been deleted or renamed by another useryou can try to get it by SPQuery IN CAML QUERY SYNTAX<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='ID'/><Value type='Counter'>"+yourID+"</Value></Eq></Where>for me , work fine
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marble galaxy 3D new game windows store

13 ביולי 2013

Hello all, My first game 3D for windows store for children's and adults i developed it , with direct x 11.1 API and c++ This is a simple game because for me, direct x 11.1 is a new technology. i prepare more games with advanced technology ,nice display screen and animations.

unable to compile and deploy with vs 2010 to sharepoint 2010

2 במאי 2012

if you try to compile and deploy a webpart without success or other element with visual studio and you receive this error message nameProjectDLL.pdb: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. etc.. and that, having tried everything it still does notyou can try to close the process msvsmon.exe (started by devenv.exe)and it should run by open  Task Manager of windows   here the source that help me
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