installing ruby mysql with native extensions on mac osx (64 bit)

30 ביוני 2011

getting an error `<main>': undefined method `query' for #<Mysql:0x00000100913e20> or sort (also for methods init, each etc') are common for mysql ruby driver that is not installed correctly or without native extensions. to fix this issue just run the following commands: 1. brew install mysql-connector-c 2. sudo gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-lib=/usr/local/mysql/lib (/usr/local/mysql/lib is my local mysql installation folder)   my stack is rvm / ruby 1.9.2 gem 1.8.5 mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.12, for osx10.6 (i386) using readline 5.1 (64 bit dmg installation from mysql website) mac 10.6.8 hope it helps . more
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Installing QT 4.7.x for VS2010

23 בנובמבר 2010

had some issues installing QT on windows with vs2010 so I thought I'll share the solution that worked for me. I'm using win7 64 bit , vs2010, qt 4.7.1 What do I need ? qt add on for visual studio (qt-vs-addin-1.1.7.exe) qt open source distribution ( Installation Process download and install qt add on for visual studio download qt open source distribution create qt directory (i used C:\Qt\4.7.1x32\) extract the zip contents into previously created folder (extract files & folders not the root directory named qt-everywhere-opensource) open visual studio command prompt more
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Working With Large Arrays in Action Script

17 ביולי 2010

While working on partly connected system using flex technology I figured out quick enough that working with large data sets (thousands of records) is not applicable. Especially because i held a number of those sets which I needed to  cross reference in number of occasions. My solution was to create an indexed collection which i can benefit both worlds of Dictionary and ArrayCollection , with that in mind I designed and implemented the IndexedArrayCollection. The collection extends ArrayCollection and adds the capability of indexing a more
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Box2D Flex Complex Shapes Mapping

13 ביולי 2010

One of the drawbacks in box2d is that it's not supporting concave polygon shapes . for that box2d flex employs several algorithms and converts a complex shape to a set of polygons (I took the idea from 3d modeling) at this point i would like to give credits to for he's shape outline algorithm for he's polygon2d both state that their algorithms are far from perfect but for a v0.2 it's a good start. in this case I'll start from the demo and more
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Simple Box2D Flex Example

11 ביולי 2010

following my previous post announcing Box2D Flex framework i want to share some techniques via examples on how to use the library. First thing we create add a SkinableContentContainer to and drop some contorls inside it This, still, does not do anything fancy it just initializes box2d and registers & measures all controls inside our physics container. next step we add some bindable controls that will change our physics gravity and debug and the bindable properties to our physics container now we can play with the gravity sliders and more
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Announcing Box2D Flex framework

Prefix In a previous post demonstrating box2d integration with flex I made a promise (mainly to myself) to share the demo code. When I started to review with sharing in mind it looked cumbersome and overly verbose. So I started cranking on it fixing and straightening the code & architecture and step by step I realized that I'm creating a small Integration layer rather then a POC. Announcing Box2DFlex Box2DFlex framework allows you easely integrate box2d into flex framework using mxml. The framewok helps easy integration with more
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CSS Mask in HTML 5

8 ביולי 2010

< התוכן שמופיע כאן מועמד לסטנדרטיזציה ב html5  יתכן וחלק מהדברים לא יעבדו כרגע על כל דפדפן > בהמשך לפוסט הקודם על css ב html5 עשיתי עוד ניסוי קטן לגבי masks (אולי  מיסוכים?) . רציתי להחליף צבעים תכנותית לתמונה קיימת . כדי לעשות את זה ניגשתי למלאכה והתחלתי לנבור ברשת , די מהר מצאתי שגם לזה יש פתרון ב css3. מיקמתי שני div אחד מעל השני - בראשון תמונה של מכונית (המכונית חייבת להיות לבנה כדי שנוכל לצבוע אותה בקלות)
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