The new CAML Designer is Finally Released!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi guys, Finally we have a new CAML Designer with a new modern style, and it works great!!!. Besides the great look and feel you also have couple of new features included. for example when you generate the CAML Xml you can also generate  the code that comes with it like server OM, client OM or web service. You can download the tool from this site. thats all folks

Creating field with validation using CAML XML

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hi guys,   Here's a quick tip for creating a field with validation using Caml xml.   Suppose you want to validate a DateTime field that shows the current date + 2 years.   <FieldID="{Guid}"Name="ExpiredDate"DisplayName="Expired Date"Type="DateTime"Format="DateOnly"Required="TRUE">   <ValidationMessage="You can not pick a date two years later then the current date">   =ExpierdDate&lt;=DATE(YEAR(TODAY())+2,MONTH(TODAY()),DAY(TODAY())) </Validation> </Field>   That all folks :) Special thanks to Shiri O'Connell with this example.  
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Creating field with formula using CAML XML

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hi Guys,   Here's a quick tip for creating a field with formula using Caml xml.   Suppose you want the DateTime field to show the current date + 30 days. <FieldID="{guid}"Name="MyDateTime"DisplayName="ExpiredDate"Type="DateTime"Format="DateOnly"> <DefaultFormula>=Today+30</DefaultFormula> </ Field>   That's all folks :)
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