SharePoint: Save Site As Template Common Errors/Mistakes

September 4, 2012

Hi guys,

I’ll try to explain couple of common mistakes/errors made when trying to save a site as site template.

1) Save publishing site as site template.

The Problem

Common mistake is made when trying to save publishing site as site template , There is a  good reason why this publishing template is not supported and does not include the ‘Save as Template’ link, There is a workaround to enable this feature as explained in this post. It maybe a quick solution but in the long run this solution is very problematic when later trying to upgrade the site templates generated from this template.

The Solution

Develop Site definition /web template.

2) Getting “InvalidOperationException Error generating solution files in temporary directory” error when trying to save as site template

The Problem

When saving as site template the WSP generated is temporary saved in the c:\temp or in c:\windows\temp folder and later in the solution gallery on SharePoint. Usually what happens is that the App pool account that creates the WSP is unauthorized to access the c:\temp or the c:\windows\temp folder.

The Solution

Give the App pool account full permissions to c:\temp and c:\windows\temp folder.

3) Getting “Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: Error exporting the site field named “SomeLookupField” error when trying to save as site template.

The Problem

When trying to save as site template and the site contains some lookup field you might get Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: Error exporting the site field named “SomeLookupField” exception.

The Solution

a) You need to remove the curly brackets from ID definition of your field.

b) Add ‘overwrite’ attribute to your field and set it to ‘TRUE’.

The full article.

4) Save as site template SharePoint 2010 Blog.

The Problem

When trying to save blog as site template the posts list appear 5 times in the site as 5 different views.

The Solution

The workaround that Manas found is:
a) Navigate to “View all site content “.
b) Select one of the “Posts” >>navigate to its “List settings” .
c) Further go down into “My  Posts” List and select the option “Make this as default view “.
d) now you would see only one “Posts” list.

5) Getting “Error exporting the list named “Announcements” at the URL: Lists/Announcements” error when trying to save as site template.

The Problem

When creating a site as web template and then creating sub sites which you wish to save as a web template you receive the following error “Error exporting the list named “Announcements” at the URL: Lists/Announcements”.

The Solution

As posted by Jonathan Adams in this great post

Run the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as Administrator.  Run the following command to disable the default content type feature:

Disable-SPFeature –Identity ctypes –url http://SiteCollection

Then enable the content type feature:

Enable-SPFeature –Identity ctypes –url http://SiteCollection

Try saving the subsite as a template again, it should succeed.


Hope you find this post helpful Smile

see u next time…

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