Getting null using property bag element

March 22, 2012

hi guys,   Here's a quick tip for getting value from element property bag.   You must remember to write your name in SMALL LETTERS otherwise you will get null.   <?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="utf-8"?> <Elementsxmlns=""> <PropertyBagParentType="Web"> <PropertyName="name_in_small_letters" Type="string"Value="YourValue" /> </PropertyBag> </Elements> That's all folks.
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Getting "Failed to compare two elements in the array" error when creating publishing site using sharepoint 2010

March 15, 2012

Hi guys,   There can be couple of reasons this error could accrue but the main reason revolves around List instance\List  definition what immediately raises the question, "even if I made a mistake when created a List instance\List  definition ,how and why it affects the publishing site template?"  to be honest, I don't know ,but I know how to fix it J.   As I said earlier the main reason revolves around a bug we made when created our List.       Mistakes that could get us the " Failed to compare two elements in the array " error:   1)      The name in the list definition...
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